Advanced research and development in the healthcare industry is growing, with the developed countries making huge strides in establishing proper medical elevation for the globe. Most developed countries are struggling in attaining this progress.

Our organization strives to particularly tackle health problems that have been side lined over the decades and bring awareness of it to the mass population, thus creating a long-term solution to those that require it. Some health concerns are prevalent in most developing countries due to lack of awareness and stigmatization by it’s population. We as an NPO aim to share light to these conditions, their causes and how to access treatment.

Reducing Stigma

A huge number of diseases in the developing countries are widespread due to the fact that the population affected by the disease would rather suffer in silence than to talk about it and seek medical attention. We intend to bring awareness of such diseases, help those that are affected by it and offer medical solution to those that require it.

Through these steps, we address and fight stigmatization of diseases and discrimination of people that have been sidelined in developing countries;

  • Open workshops to educate people about the condition
  • Share methods of treatment for the diseases
  • Offer medication access to those affected
  • Involve the media and other channels to create awareness